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Wojciech J. Gajda

professor of mathematics

Mailing address:
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam Mickiewicz University
Umultowska 87, 61-614 Poznań, POLAND
Office: Collegium Mathematicum, B1-35
Phone: +48 (61) 829 5503
Fax: +48 (61) 829 5315
Email: gajda AT amu DOT edu DOT pl

Research interests:

arithmetic geometry, number theory, algebraic topology, algebraic K-theory


M. Sc. students

For a PDF, contact the author of the thesis directly.

M. Sc. supervised: 
  W. Wawrów, On torsion of superelliptic Jacobians, BSc. thesis, 2019
  A. Kokosza, On some properties of algebraic groups and graphs, 2018
  J. Garnek, Arithmetics of elliptic curves over local fields, 2016
  Ł. Nizio, Integral points on algebraic varieties, 2016
  M. Zalewski, Theorem of Abel on the lemniscate, 2015
  M. Bartkowiak, Irreducible polynomials which split over every finite field, 2012
  Ł. Czyż, Mathematical foundations of quantum computing, 2011
  T. Buchert, On the twin prime conjecture, 2011
  M. Kubiak, Arithmetic properties of linear algebraic groups, 2011
  B. Naskręcki, On certain diophantine equation, 2010
  B. Bzdęga, On cyclotomic polynomials, 2010
  K. Świrydowicz, On Ramanujan graphs, 2009
  J. Małecki, Galois groups of polynomials, 2009
  T. Rzędowski, Applications of elliptic curves to cryptography, 2009
  M. Goliński, Probabilistic and deterministic primality tests, 2009
  P. Dryjański, Solving higher degree equations by special functions, 2009
  A. Stankowiak, On Bernoulli numbers, 2008

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